10 Risk-Free Steps to Quickly Validate Your Awesome MVP

How to Get Your Audience to Tell You What You Should Give Them

Creating an innovative new Smart-Rubber Ducky for the Ever-Connected Booming Child Market? Here’s where you start!

1. Describe Your Product in Benefit Driven Terms

2. Create a Landing Page That Highlights the Product as if It Already Exists

3. Install Your Email Opt-in and Connect It to Your Email Software

4. Engage With Your Email Subscribers

5. Create a Pre-Order Page and Install a Shopping Cart

6. Be Able to Receive Money

7. Give Your Audience a Killer Early Bird Offer

8. Validate and Survey

9. Create Your Product

10. Collect Testimonials




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Bjorgvin Benediktsson

I write about music, creativity, and entrepreneurship. My new book, You Get What You Give, is out now. Grab it here: https://geni.us/YGWYG