Yesterday, I went for a float in a sensory deprivation tank.

I haven’t done it in a few years but I was glad to be back into the womb.

It takes meditation to a whole ‘nother level as you float in pitch-black darkness. You can’t see a thing and you sometimes don’t even know whether your eyes are closed or not.

You also have earplugs that form an airtight seal over your ears so you don’t hear a single thing either.

So you float there in the saltwater, listen to your breath, and meditate. You might bump up against the…

An Introduction to You Get What You Give

If you’re curious about what you will learn from my new book, You Get What You Give, I wanted to share my story from the introduction with you today.

If you like the following passage, please grab a copy of the book right here.


How do you become a successful six-figure business in a music industry that never seems to end its decline? For me, it started with €0.34.

Back in 2009, in the stone-age years of the internet, I had been writing my little audio blog for a few months, publishing what I was learning as an audio engineering…

There is an Icelandic song called “Þorpið” which moves me every time I listen to it.

It’s hard for me to share its lyrical meaning with non-Icelanders, so I wrote a short story about the emotions it evokes instead. I hope you like it. Let me know how it made you feel.

“Hér vil ég vera hér á ég heima

En tækifærin burtu bara streyma

Það er ekkert rangt við það að dreyma

Að þorpið mitt það hjarni við.”

-Þorpið by Mugison og Bubbi Morthens

“Dear Jónatan,

The town’s still here, but there was no saving the factory. It shuttered…

My friends have been doing so well for themselves lately that they’ve started to receive some hate mail for their efforts.

This is a badge of honor in my book.

You don’t get to Valhalla without a few chinks in your chainmail.

There’s simply no way you’ll please everybody all the time, and some people consider it their professional duty to shit on those they’re jealous of.

This is hard to deal with. It’s even worse when they make the attacks personal.

However, if you believe in the quality of your work and the impact you’re trying to make, these…

What if Otis Redding had been lynched like Emmett Till?

Does it not make your soul go cold, Robert Johnson being pulled over before the crossroads?

What if Muddy Waters was shot?

By another poorly trained hot-head cop.

“Muddy was just jogging ‘round the hood,” his neighbors had seen him a million times before.

Does it not make you stop and wonder: what good is this system for?

It’s a wound that will constantly grow if we just shrug our shoulders and go with the flow.

What if the next Kendrick’s only rhyme would be “I can’t breathe, please, help…

I believe that in order to succeed as a society we should strive to understand each other better.

As far as crazy ideas go, that one’s pretty sane. Yet, somehow always out of our grasp.

Understanding the customer is to understand the people you are trying to serve. We are all customers in some shape or form. It’s a part of being human. It’s how we interact with the social construct of Capitalism we created ourselves. …

You may think it’s overwhelming to try to find your customers when there are so many competitors out there and you don’t know where to start.

But there’s nothing to worry about and here’s why.

One of my favorite books is I’m Not for Everyone. Neither are You by David Leddick. That’s the same mindset you should have when you are trying to define your ideal customer.

Whenever I mentor businesses I ask them, “Who is your customer?”

When they answer, “Everyone!” I know I’m gonna have a bad time.

If you want to make a living online, but you think your industry is too saturated with people competing, let me share a Silicon Valley secret that’s helped me run a successful online business in a very saturated industry for the last ten years.

It’s a term I borrowed from Silicon Valley Startup lingo, and although it’s used to develop successful high-tech startups all the time, the concept is still just as useful and crucial when you want to create any side-business.

It’s called Customer Discovery.

With every entrepreneur with a Facebook page running ads for their “next best way…

This month is the 30th anniversary of a movie whose mantra also happens to be the biggest lie business owners tell themselves.

I like to call it the Field of Dreams Fallacy:

“If you build it, they will come.”

If you still believe in this Field of Dreams crap and think that you’ll magically make money just because you build a website and offer your services, let me take a minute to crush your dreams.

Here are three myths that you need to get rid of right away:

  • I’ll follow my passion and I’ll never work a day in my…

How I deal with haters and trolls on the road to success.

One of my favorite pieces of hate mail I’ve gotten from my subscribers is:

“When Emperor Trump invades Iceland I hope you get thrown into a concentration camp for your views you Anti-American piece of trash”

I couldn’t help but be thoroughly impressed by the eloquence of this insult. Very concise. Leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind just what the author was trying to convey.

The architect Baccio d’Agnolo tackled his haters by putting the phrase “It’s easier to criticize than imitate” on the front of the Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni. Quite the Renaissance F$#% You.

Unfortunately, we remember the…

Bjorgvin Benediktsson

I write about music, creativity, and entrepreneurship. My new book, You Get What You Give, is out now. Grab it here:

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