Jeff Goins Great article! I’m a big fan! I read both your Art of Work and You are a Writer books and was sinceriously inspired :) I read You are a Writer on the airplane to Vietnam and wrote half of my first book during my trip there!

My third book is actually coming out in the next week so you could say you’ve had quite the impact!

I use a similar system as well:

  1. Wunderlist for ideas. Ideas broken into lists of categories.
  2. Wordpress for blog posts, Google Drive for drafts.
  3. And then I cheat because I hired an editor!

But I also read my books aloud and get beta readers to give me comments (and to catch the occasional typo!).

Thanks for all you do!


I write about music, creativity, and entrepreneurship. My new book, You Get What You Give, is out now. Grab it here:

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