Let This Terrifying Navy Seal Make Your Creativity a Priority

Bjorgvin Benediktsson
3 min readOct 27, 2023
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I used to have a morning routine.

Then my daughter showed up, took one look at my calm, zen-garden of productive writing, and threw a dirty diaper all over it.

It didn’t matter how early I got up; her ninja spider sense alerted her to my careful tip-toeing to the living room. As soon as I opened up the laptop, the crying started.

I swear I could hear her cackle in between sobs.

So you could say that Morning Routine and I are on a break for the foreseeable future.

Morning Routines are Boring Anyway

They’re all the same:

  • Rise early
  • Eat healthy
  • Meditate (2 hours minimum…🙄)
  • Exercise
  • Create

All great things. All things I squeeze in whenever I’m not dodging diapers and mediating meltdowns.

How To Be Productive in a War Zone

But I still have to do my job.

My job mostly consists of thinking about things and writing them down to help my audience. This is hard when your brain might as well be the Play-Doh my daughter throws on the ground after mixing it with all the other colors of Play-Doh.

It’s challenging to find time to write in the mornings when it’s been invaded by the Toddler Tyrant.

I’d love to be “mindful” and meditate for 30 minutes, do some core exercises and yoga, and drink a healthy smoothie to “kickstart my day!”

But let’s be honest, apart from the smoothie, these activities have been outlawed, and all productive activities are under strict scrutiny by new management.

The Mindset to Create

I help musicians transform their recordings into released records over at Audio Issues. So I help them overcome their creative barriers throughout the music production process.

Whether you’re writing online, creating content, or making music, the creative principles aren’t so different.



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