Letting Go is Tough

Bjorgvin Benediktsson
2 min readMar 12, 2024
Image by Author. Album cover to “Sympathy”

Let me be real with you for a minute.

My first song in years is coming out on Friday, March 22nd (pre-save here).

But let me tell you…

It’s hard to promote a song. Especially when it’s not “out” yet.

It’s much more fun working on the song. Tinkering with the tracks.

No wonder so many people leave trails of tracks strewn throughout their hard drives.

The creative part is easier to get into. It’s more fun.

And it’s even harder to promote a song that’s so painful to talk about.

I tell my audience to share the backstory of the song.

“Go behind the scenes!”

“Share your story!”

But what if the scene behind the song is a place you no longer want to be?

I could tell you many stories related to the song I’m releasing on March 22nd.

But they’d all be about sorrow. Mourning. Death.

A part of me feels bad even telling you all this because I want you to have a good time.

Talking about death really kills the party, y’know? (no pun intended…)

“Who invited this guy? He’s such a drag…”

But releasing the song will be an act of letting go. I hope to create some catharsis that can help my creative juices flow even further.

Letting go allows you to move forward.

Releasing songs makes room for new music.

I hope the pain of letting go, the anxiety of promoting my pain, and the insecurity of how you think it will sound will still be worth it.

And hopefully, it will inspire you to overcome the obstacles around releasing your own work.





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