The Only Way Black Friday Helps Your Creative Output

Bjorgvin Benediktsson
3 min readNov 28, 2023
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Now that the Black Friday insanity and Cyber Monday madness are over, how will it help your creative output?

I’m sure you took advantage of some deals. There were simply too many to ignore.

If you grabbed any of my products, like the Mix Mastery Bundle (which is still available at a hefty discount) or the Audio Issues EQ, I wanted to thank you. My daughter loves to eat food and wear clothes, so know that when you buy from Audio Issues, you’re supporting a small business owner who mostly spends it on his family.

(And video games…I’m not a saint).

However, I’m more interested in what you will do next.

This Friday is the first day of the last month of the year. How will you use those Black Friday deals to maximize your creativity?

Black Friday Blues

I’ve bought a lot of stuff on Black Friday that I didn’t use.

Last year, I bought the software plug-in Superior Drummer because I thought I would make all these demos in the home studio. But what I really learned from buying Superior Drummer is that I prefer to work with real drummers.

So this week, I booked studio time to track drums and bass with real musicians. I’d rather collaborate with people smarter than me and do something I couldn’t do alone.

So, was Superior Drummer a dumb purchase?

Not really. I’ve already had a session where I needed to use it to mix a student’s drum track, so it’s already made a return on investment. It’s also helped me flesh out a few ideas, so it’s not like it’s just been sitting there. But the original intent and what I used it for didn’t match up exactly.

And that’s fine.

Dopamine Keeps You Dumb

You get a hit of dopamine whenever you hit a buy button because it’s tied to the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Our biology tricks us and makes us feel like we’ve accomplished the goal of creating when all we’ve done is buy something to work with.

So, in a way, buying that thing on Black Friday did get you closer to the goal.



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