Who Will Win the Battle for Your Best Self?

Bjorgvin Benediktsson
2 min readMar 16, 2022
Image from Pixabay.

Welcome to the arena of your mind, where the battle for your creative potential will be fought.

In one corner of the rink, shining brilliantly, clad in armor made of the finest Vibranium and weapons forged from the strongest Adamantium, are your Hopes and Dreams.

They want nothing but to stand by your side as you work to become your best self. They are from the future and know the path that leads you there. They know the path is long and arduous. It’s full of hard work and the risk of self-doubt is high.

However, they have sworn an oath to guard you. They fight to unleash your creative potential and will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals.

Yet, in the other corner, shrieking from a black hole of anxiety, are the wraiths and zombie skeletons of your negative self-talk. These are your Pains and Fears. They wear dirtied rags stained with tar and suits of armor rotted with rust.

They are the manifestation of your Imposter Syndrome who would like nothing more than to keep you in stasis so that you never achieve anything other than average. They exhale the poisonous breath of the Bare Minimum to keep you locked in the Land of Barely Getting By.

You are the referee of the fight and you get to choose the rules of engagement.

Who will win?

The outcome is up to you.



This post was inspired in part by The Two Wolves, Jon Acuff’s excellent book Start, and the video game Until You Fall.


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