Two Boring Business Questions That Help You Be More Creative

Bjorgvin Benediktsson
3 min readMar 15, 2022
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In my last post, I shared the two core questions you have to ask yourself if you’re trying to build a creative career.

Career. Such a yucky word. Filled with all sorts of chores and stress. Why ruin your perfectly content creative endeavor with boring business? It’s like putting ketchup on tacos. Bleurgh.

Building a business sounds like a huge undertaking when all you want is a creative hobby.

But what if I told you that those same questions I shared with you can be reflected inward to make you a more creative individual?

Instead of thinking of them as a way to hustle for more clients and customers to build a business, you can use them to fuel your creativity and achieve more from your hobby.

You may never want to charge money for your services or embark on the Odyssey’esque journey of building a career, but if you’re like most people, you haven’t achieved the creative results you’ve hoped for.

So instead of asking those two questions to find clients, turn those questions around and ask them of yourself.

Instead of asking,

“What problem is my customer/client facing that I can solve?”


“What problem am I facing that I need to overcome to feel more fulfilled as a creative?”

Instead of asking,

“What is the specific result my client/customer wants?”


“What is the creative results I would like to repeat over and over again in order to feel fulfilled?”

By flipping the boring “business speak” on its head we’ve transformed it into a self-development tool that helps us overcome our creative struggle.

So ask yourself, whether you’re an artist, singer, writer, or TikTok dance creator (how does one get into that exactly? #AskingForMySister), “what kind of repeatable results do I want out of my creativity and what is standing in the way of me

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